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Peace & Global Witness Offering

October 6, 2019

All Day

Category: Mission & Outreach | Coordinator: Mission Team


October 6th is World Communion Sunday, which celebrates our oneness in Christ with our brothers and sisters around the world. It’s perhaps the most appropriate day of the year to receive the Peace & Global Witness Offering — to think about what it means to be peacemakers, to be witnesses and advocates for compassion, peace and justice. To seek “peace in all times in all ways” (2 Thess. 3:16). Celebration of World Communion Sunday, as it was originally known, was adopted as a denominational practice in the Presbyterian Church in 1936. Churches in other denominations were invited to celebrate with us, extending the celebration to a large number around the world. World Communion Sunday is a gift of the Presbyterian Church to the larger ecumenical church, and today it is being celebrated around the world by many denominations. Today, Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, invites us to the table. It is a big table and we share it with many. We share our table with those around the nation and the globe who are united in their belief that a culture of rape is not acceptable. Our Peace & Global Witness Offering supports a multitude of ministries and programs on the local and national level to address the fact that one in every three women has suffered gender-based violence. We share our table with those who are currently incarcerated, and those who were previously incarcerated. Congregations and mid councils around the nation are choosing to use their share of the Peace & Global Witness Offering to help lift up those who seek a better path. We share our table with those seeking refuge and reconciliation arising from conflict. Our Peace & Global Witness Offering allows many to work for Christ’s peace on local and regional levels, as well as to extend their witness to more distant and war-torn places. We share our table. We open our doors. We answer God’s call, expressed in 2nd Thessalonians, to seek “peace, at all times in all ways.” And we do this with open hearts. We do it together. Today, on World Communion Sunday, please think about all those with whom we share our table — with all those with whom we share a commitment to “peace at all times, in all ways.” Please give generously to the Peace & Global Witness Offering. For when we all do a little, it adds up to a lot.

Let Us Pray ~ We come at your invitation, to be nourished at your table. We are nourished, restored, and reconciled in your feast, so that we might become reconciled to one another and to you. May the gifts we give to the Peace & Global Witness Offering create tools for the whole Church to engage in your mission to make peace, at all times, in all ways. Amen.

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